ONE – Series Disclaimer

Birthing, Nursing and Everything In-between – ONE

A redemption story about my journey into motherhood.

Series Disclaimer:

This disclaimer is mainly to address my own insecurities. Things that in my mind have stopped me from sharing because of whatever reason. So I’m breaking down those barriers right now before we begin.

Through this blog series it is my hope to share with you my journey into motherhood. I’ve been getting a lot of questions about our second pregnancy, grief while bringing in new life, nursing, tandem feeding, midwifery, using a doula, birth affirmations, bringing a baby home to our toddler and the difference between choosing a medicated birth and choosing a natural brith. It is my hope to bring to light some of these topic’s through our personal experience and to EMPOWER women as they step into motherhood.

I walked into my first pregnancy and delivery completely ignorant to the birthing process and Gods design in the female body. I walked in ignorant on purpose because I was fearful, anxious and unsure how I felt about it all. I knew I wanted children, but I hated the idea of birthing them. So, instead of doing my research and educating myself, I choose to walk into it ignorant to the FACTS. 10/10 do not recommend.

Once it came time to make all the decisions, I saw a vast majority of my friends choosing induction, medication and the glorified epidural. I thought that must be the best way to approach brith. Almost like it was a race to get the baby out instead of embracing the experience. I even heard a doctor say “in this day and age there is no need to sit in pain during labor.” I thought it must be the safest and least terrifying option based on what I saw others do (also bad choice). It’s what most OB’s in our area recommend, and it’s what the vast majority of people are doing. And because I let others lead me in that direction I missed something truly beautiful. AND if it’s what you choose please let me be clear, I am NOT shaming you. Again, I am only sharing my personal testimony.

Women who have chosen a natural brith in my world have typically been few and far between. People gasp at their stories and say, “I don’t know how you did it”. And if natural birth is for those strong super hero type women, well then it probably wasn’t for me. I was shy and afraid.

I’ll never forget during one of my check up’s with Mayla a nurse I saw during my pregnancy told me that if I was even thinking about an epidural to request it the moment I walked into the hospital, otherwise I may not receive it in time. That bit of advice stuck with me like glue… another fear. What if I NEED it and it doesn’t come. Will I survive? Should I even take the risk and go without?

Why do we let fear drive us? OHHH if I could turn back time.

Now before we continue, please know that this is NOT a comparison game. I am fully aware that everyone’s experience is different. Everyones pain level is different. Some friends need medical intervention as a life saving blessing. I am NOT bashing our friends who choose medication, surgery or even had to have an unexpected c-section against their personal preference. I am simply sharing my own personal experience and providing factual information to the best of my ability.

This blog is specifically for women who are considering a natural birth or are curious what it’s all about. It’s for women who want to give breastfeeding a try or for those who may find themselves in a season of tandem feeding and are unsure if they can do it. This blog is to inspire and empower. It’s a redemption story about how the Lord walked me through a euphoric birth that left me wanting more. A redemption story I didn’t know was possible.

If any of these topics may trigger you, there is no shame in walking away. There are corners of the internet that will leave you feeling empowered and supported. If my story doesn’t do that for you, ITS OKAY ❤ I feel such a strong calling to share my story anyways, because there is someone out there who will feel empowered by what the Lord has to offer though me.

With that being said, there are SO MANY things I did different with my second birth that I believe were a game changer to a successful totally natural birth, elimination of PPD, faster healing and an experience high that has me wanting to do it again only 11 days postpartum (I’m crazy right?).

I’m going to start by sharing Mayla’s birth story in the next post. I had every intention on sharing it 2 years ago, but was truly unsure of how I felt about the series of events until now. I had an absolutely wonderful midwife and nursing staff. They did everything I asked them to do and more. However, I didn’t know what to say or how to share because the choices I made resulted in a slightly traumatic birth for me (at fault of my own). I’m an encourager by nature, and there was nothing I could say to lift up and take my friends on a positive journey with me. I remember looking at my husband moments after delivering my sweet girl and saying, “I AM NEVER DOING THAT AGAIN.” Very sternly. (lololol). For some friends, they only ever wanted one child, but that truth was heart breaking for me because we always wanted a houseful!

With that being said, if any of these topics have perked your interest, I hope to see you pop in the series to come! Don’t be shy. Come say hi in the comments and let me know you are here ❤

Love you guys. Talk to you very soon,


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