Welcome to the Modern Hippie Family. We are the Shembedas.

Jesse and I were married July 7th, 2017 have one daughter who is now almost a year and a half already!

We also have the sweetest 10 year old Labradoodle love and 2 kitties (10 years old and 5 years old).

Our passion is to live life, naturally. I also want to be clear, perfection is NOT a goal. We’ve started to slowly decrease our carbon footprint on this earth, and as opportunity arrises we grab ahold of it and strive to continue moving forward.

Here are a few ways that we’ve began ditching toxins, living a more green life and a healthier direction for our family:

-Reusable BPA free plastic water bottles (Nalgene is our current favorite).
-Mesh produce bags for grocery shopping & cloth grocery shopping bags.
-Eating a plant based diet. We don’t do this flawlessly by any means, but we have significantly decreased our animal product consumption & heavily increased our plant consumption. Not only is this better for our systems — I’ll do a blog post later about how environmentally friendly taking on a diet like this can be.
-Borrowing, recycling & reusing ❤ there is a time to purge and throw things away, but sharing can keep things out of the landfill and even bless others!
-The good ole switch and ditch -> getting toxin free house hold / self care products in our home. They last longer and protect our bodies from permanent damage. Not to mention our little love will have the best chance at life possible away from the yuck.

I hope you enjoy your stay and learn lots as you browse around. Interested in switching and ditching toxic yuck out of your home? Click the “Contact” button at the top of the screen to get started on your journey today!

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